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Things to Watch Out For!  

Things to Watch Out For!

I want to discuss is the "Pre-paid health care" scam. This little gem is popular among natural health care providers and especially I am afraid to admit: chiropractors. The deal goes something like this: The doctor says your treatment plan will last ...say...six months to a year. If you "pre-pay" the plan, a multitude of "incentive bonuses" are built in. Free exams, lowered costs etc. There is one major problem with this...How do you know how well you will respond to the doctors care? How does he or she know? The answer is, in this case nobody knows. Every patient responds differently to the methods used in the doctors office.
If you want a good solid recomendation on how to deal with providers who attempt to coerce you into pre-paid plans it would be this:
  • First, know exactly what each visit costs up front. Be cautious with the free first visit which evolves into a "3 day" first visit. This ploy is a special favorite of those doctors participating with a noted chiropractic consultant from the state of Florida.
  • Sign up in 30 day intervals at the max...No more. In this way you can take advantage of some cost savings but aren't locked into any long term financial obligations. You will also know whether or not you are responding favorably to his or her care in a timely manner.
Yours for better health, Dr. Casey