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Important Vaccination Information

You probably have never heard of the National Vaccine Recovery Act of 1986. American families have received nearly two billion dollars from the federal government as a “pay off” for their children. Children who have been severely brain damaged or killed as a result of “routine” or “mandatory” vaccines. Death and devastation from something that is “safe” and supposed to protect us? Why have you never heard this?

Do a Google search on the act. Find out for yourself. This year I am particularly concerned because of the fear mongering in the media regarding H1N1, otherwise known as the swine flu. This flu is no more virulent than other strains of flu. However the pharmaceutical industry stands to make billions of our tax dollars through the administration of these toxic vaccines.
As always, I plead with people to educate themselves. Do not trust my word or your primary care physician’s word or your pediatrician’s word. Pay no attention to the media. Study, research and draw your own conclusions as to whether this process makes sense to you. As I conclude this article I’m going to provide you with 3 sources of information. The first link is a CNN interview with Dr. Kent Holtrof, an infectious disease EXPERT who is more frightened of the vaccine than the virus. The second is a link to Lew Rockwell’s site. This is a great article on why not to vaccinate your kids against H1N1. The third is a link where you will learn how a major pharmaceutical company killed hundreds of people throughout the world by allowing a vaccine (they knew) was contaminated with HIV (AIDS) to be administered to hemophiliac patients.
Be an informed consumer of health care services. If you would like some nutritional counseling on how to fight the virus naturally, call our office!