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Privacy Policy.

Privacy Policy

We respect your privacy at Five Points Chiropractic & Wellness and you can be assured that when you visit our site, your personal information will be kept strictly confidential and not shared with anyone.

Your email address: We only obtain and store your email address when you choose to subscribe to our quarterly newsletters. You will only receive the newsletters and occasional emails pertaining to Dr. Phillips' office and important matters.
In our newsletter, you have the option of sending the information to a friend. If you choose to do so, your friendís information will also be kept strictly confidential. We will only send them the message you asked us to send them. They will never hear from us again unless they choose to subscribe to the newsletter themselves. If you were sent an email from a friend that you did not want, we apologize and ask that you tell your friend not to send you any further information.

We do not rent or share your information with any third parties. In the future, if there are additional communications we decide to do such as a new mailing list or special promotions with a partner, you will be notified and will have to authorize us to add you to these new venues. Otherwise, we will not bother you.