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Patient Testimonials

Read just a few of the responses we get on how chiropractic helps improve our patients lives. If you would like to submit a testimonial of how Dr. Casey and chiropractic has helped you, please fill out a form at our office and we may publish it with our others.

Unlike the diet ads we are plagued with on TV, these results are TYPICAL.

Maybe we can help you too! Call now for your free consultation with Dr. Casey.

From a patient with work related neck and back pain:

"He (Dr. Casey) has a well-rounded approach to treatment and he really takes you through each phase of care with knowledge and support."

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
From a patient with chronic back pain:

"My pain is gone and I’m able to function without medication. ….Thank you Dr. Casey and Colleen"

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
From a patient injured in a motor vehicle accident:

"…I just went out these past two days and hit golf balls, something I haven’t done in 1 and ˝ years. It was great!"

Moon Township, Pennsylvania
From a patient with a herniated lumbar disc:

"What I happily call a miracle is what you do for people all of the time. I cannot thank you enough for your special care and constant reminders to live life to the fullest with a happy spine!"

Pittsburgh’s Northside
From a young woman with TMJ disorder:

"After examining me he came up with a game plan that would prove nothing short of a miracle. After only two weeks of treatments, I was able to eat foods I hadn’t been able to enjoy in almost a year. I was able to avoid surgery and most importantly, I gained a great friend."

Bethel Park, Pennsylvania
From a 50 year old man with long term disability from his neck and shoulder problem:

"I had tried physical therapy for two years and by the end I was no better than when I began. After 3 weeks of adjustments, I regained full use of my neck and shoulder. Today I am 100% and able to do all of my chores with out pain."

Eighty-Four, Pennsylvania
From the parents of a 3 month old with colic:

"Chiropractic has definitely helped her. Thank you for helping Emily become a happy child!"

K and M
Bethel Park, Pennsylvania
From a 46 year-old woman with major back, neck and arm problems from a work injury:

"This is my testimony,

I am a 46 year old who was injured on the job back in 2001. I continued to work 40 hours or more per week for approximately six months following my injury. The pain became increasingly unbearable. Even though I was in so much pain, I was told to go through physical therapy and to undergo a series of painful Cortisone injections. I did everything my doctors suggested I should do and still I ended up having surgery with more therapy to follow. I returned to work in four months still with pain. In 2005, I re-injured the disc and the pain in my neck, back and arm returned and was worse than ever. I had never considered seeing a chiropractor and did not know much about them. Then one day, out of the blue, Dr. Casey walked into my life out of nowhere. You know that God works in mysterious ways. Seven months past and I am now without severe pain! I have good and bad days but I can now live with it.

My experience with my chiropractor has been very professional and a caring relationship as well as spiritual. Furthermore, I would highly recommend my family and friends to Dr. Casey especially if they were experiencing any neck or back pain. I am very pleased with my progress. Living without constant pain has been so enjoyable. My life is now less stressful and I continue to get an occasional adjustment to keep up with my positive results.

I would like to thank my doctor and his staff for all their tender loving care and spiritual support and for helping me to lead a more productive life."

Homestead, Pennsylvania