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Chiropractic Children!  

Chiropractic Children

Chiropractic Care is a Family Affair!

Chiropractic adjustments are safe and comfortable. Most kids in the office absolutely LOVE getting adjusted and will actually ask their parents to bring them in to see Dr. Casey.

Who are the strongest healthiest kids in our culture? If you guessed chiropractic kids you would be right. What exactly is a "chiropractic kid”? Well if you ask different people you’d get many different responses. Let’s talk about OUR kids that is my wife Kimberly's and my children: Alexis (Lexi, age 12), Gianna (Gigi, age 10), and Brennan (age 7).
To begin, within moments of their birth each of my children were examined for spinal subluxation. Fortunately none were subluxated. I attribute this in part to the natural birthing process courtesy of the midwives at Magee Hospital. My children are examined for subluxation and adjusted accordingly on a regular basis.
My wife and I do our best in feeding our children natural foods that have a minimum of chemicals added. We aren’t perfect but our children rarely eat fried, fast or “instant foods”. The bulk of their diet is fresh vegetables, whole grain cereal, broiled fish and baked or broiled chicken, home made soups etc. Our children drink filtered water and homemade decaf green iced tea with honey and Stevia. They take vitamins daily.
Our kids are on a solid schedule. They are put to bed and rise roughly at the same time each day (except for special occasions).
What do we do when our kids get sick? Fortunately neither of our kids are sick very often. When they do get sick they get a chiropractic adjustment, are fed what they are hungry for and are kept well hydrated.
What about a fever? Aren’t fevers bad? Fevers are an integral part of the bodies defense system. The bodies “innate” intelligence in a manner of speaking “reads” the protein coats on invading viruses and bacteria and will adjust the bodies temperature to destroy that particular protein. Fevers are natural AND normal. When the fever rises to uncomfortable levels, cool damp cloths can help comfort your child. If the fever goes above 104 degrees, I recommend parents notify their pediatrician. 104 degrees sounds high but no harm ever came to a child because his or her temperature was 104 degrees. Study about this simple fact. Read.
Summary We want our children raised naturally. We want them to learn to depend on the “inner” doctor to correct health problems. We want them eating the right foods, breathing fresh clean air, getting plenty of exercise and rest and most importantly getting adjusted on a regular basis. This not only allows their nervous systems to function at their peak but allows them to grow straighter and with better posture. We WILL use medicine but ONLY when it’s NECESSARY.
If you haven’t guessed yet, this is the exact same advice I give my patients and their parents. Just good old fashioned common sense! You want your kids strong, healthy and happy and so do we.
One final point, when children are taught to take drugs because they feel bad physically does it make sense to them to take drugs when they feel bad emotionally? Think about it.